About Us


    Latino Greek Council at UCLA
    The Latino Greek Council is the officially recognized governing council for the seven historically Latino/a based Greek organizations at the University of California, Los Angeles. The purpose of the Latino Greek Council is to create and enhance high standards for member organizations by addressing, coordinating, and planning strategic programming to promote higher education, provide a helping hand to our community, and enhance leadership. Though membership in this council is not limited to students of Latino/a heritage, the Latino Greek Council serves as a multifaceted organization that represents Latino/a interests at the University, manages and assists in the expansion of new Latina/o Greek organizations, and advocates on behalf of the Latino/a Greek student population at our campus.

    The Latino Greek Council is composed of an Executive Board, four standing committees (Programming, Fundraising, Scholarship, Expansion), a Judicial Board, and a General Council. The Executive Board is elected by the General Council, and committees are composed of one delegate from each member organization. The Judicial Board includes one member from each organization and the council advisor.

    The Latino Greek Council aims to serve as a resource to member organizations by creating specific programs and initiatives that foster and enhance Latina/o Greek organizations. In order to effectively program for our organizations, our council structure aims to involve a large number of members from all organizations in order to promote Greek unity, enhance all our organizations' membership, and promote large scale programs with the rest of the Greek community at our campus.

    Our programs are focused around three major initiatives: Higher Education & Latina/o Student Retention, Latina/o Greek Leadership Development, and Cultural Awareness.

    1) Higher Education & Latina/o Student Retention

    LATINO GREEK COUNCIL SCHOLARSHIP: yearly scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen and transfer students who have demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to community service. Scholarships also aim to help students who under California Assembly Bill 540 attend public Universities but do not receive financial aid due to their legal status.

    "BIENVENIDA": annual welcome day fair aimed to give new students the opportunity to get acquainted not only with Latina/o Greek organizations but also other Latina/o student groups on campus. This carnival and recruitment fair includes various games, food, and entertainment and is specifically catered to incoming underrepresented students in hope of getting them adjusted to campus and involved to ensure their retention.

    2) Latina/o Greek Leadership Development

    PRESIDENTS COUNCIL: leadership training and development workshops for organization Presidents designed to assist them with chapter management, program development, chapter funding, officer & chair training, recruitment, corporate sponsorships, and marketing strategies.

    ALL GREEK WORKSHOPS: quarterly workshops for all our organizations general membership aimed at leadership and social development of Latino/a Greek students. Workshop topics vary each year but include Sexual Awareness, Campus Funding Opportunities, Understanding Greek Councils, PR & Marketing Strategies, Recruitment Boot Camp, Developing Your Chapter Sponsorship Packet amongst others.

    GREEKS IN THE COMMUNITY: quarterly community service events with other organizations both Greek and non-Greek in order to increase awareness about Latina/o Greeks with other organizations at our campus while providing a helping hand to our community at the same time.

    ROUNDTABLE SERIES: quarterly round table discussions aimed to address pressing issues in the Latina/o community and also in the Latina/o Greek community at our campus. Roundtables are often done in conjunction with other student organizations, non-profit organizations, or community groups.

    ALUMNI NETWORKING NIGHT: yearly program aimed to reconnect our organizations alumni to their chapters. The event aims to keep our alumni involved with the events our council puts on and also aims to create a professional network for all Latina/o Greeks at our campus that might benefit them upon graduation.

    3) Cultural Awareness

    LATINO GREEK WEEK: annual week-long celebration where member organizations organize community service events, talent shows, fundraisers, workshops, and movie screenings to increase awareness about the Latina/o Greek population.

    HISTORY OF LATINA/O GREEKS THINK TANK: planning committee that is currently working with other organizations and faculty members to develop a student-led seminar course on the History of Latina/o Greeks. This course would be offered as part of a new UCLA program that allows students to teach a one unit course each spring quarter.

    Aside from council programming, our organizations and council participate in other campus-wide events like Greek Week and Semana de La Raza. Each organization also has their own programming and events. For information on our programs, feel free to contact us.